Vladimir Karginov, Head of group of companies "SOYUZ", and Vice-president of the foundry association of Ukraine, celebrates his 60th birthday on the first of August 08/2012. 

 He has been devoting more than 35 years of his life to the foundry industry of Ukraine, and 25 of those years were dedicated to the researches at the university level at National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine.

Vladimir Karginov was born in Chelyabinsk, Russia, and later moved from Ural to Ukraine. In 1976, he graduated from Engineering University at Zaporozhe, Ukraine, and since was working as a senior researcher for the department of foundry at National Metallurgical Academy of Ukrainian until 2000. During that period, he was involved in numerous research activities and visited numerous foundry enterprises from the Baltic countries to Siberia. His developments of those years were used in candidate and doctoral thesis of colleagues. What’s more, his inventions and scientific findings provided the foundation for his current  group of companies "SOYUZ", which Vladimir Karginov started in 1998 and has been leading with confidence and growing success ever since.

During the 15 years’ period of his leadership the industrial output increased significantly from 15 tons to 200 tons of product a month, the product range increased from four to the current 20 names, the company's staff grew 5-fold, and the payroll – 7-fold. Today, the products of “Soyuz” are known not only in Ukraine but also in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, the Czech Republic and even in South Africa!

Vladimir Karginov is deeply respected by his colleagues and associates in Ukraine and abroad. His very first product patent appeared 30 years ago, and today he is one of the leading specialists in research and production of new foundry materials (technological mixes).

Despite long hours of hard working and numerous every day’s challenges, V. Karginov has nonetheless earned a good reputation being sensitive and attentive leader and a decent person. He was awarded the exclusive Medal of "Leader of the Ukrainian Economy" in 2011, the Medal "For merits in professional activity" in 2013 and got the Diploma of the Ministry of industrial policy of Ukraine.

As a Vice-president of the Ukrainian Foundry Association, Vladimir Karginov works hard among Ukrainian founders toward their consolidation and has supported them publicly and behind the scenes.

  Under the direct guidance of Vladimir Karginov, enterprises of "SOYUZ" are brilliant participants of national and international trade fairs and rating competitions, including   "Company of the Year", "Production Quality" and many others. The company was awarded the following certificates:  "Exporter of the Year 2011" and "Exporter of the Year 2013". "SOYUZ" regularly receives diplomas from the State tax inspectorate for its co-operation in support of the taxation policies and regulations of Ukraine. Collective of "SOYUZ" constantly works under creation of the new import-substituting products. It is an international tribute to the competent leadership of the Head of “SOYUZ” that the companies’ world-wide exports have grown to more than 40% of production.

Ukrainian founders are sending their congratulations to Vladimir Karginov  wishing  him a strong health, good luck, inexhaustible love of relatives, colleagues and employees, joy from further fruitful work in a profession

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