It was found in 1998

(from 1992 till 1997 it was a product company “Kym”)

  About 20 years the Ukrainian-Russian enterprise “SOYUZ” has been working in the foundry area of the country. In 2015 in the “SOYUZ” group “NPP SOYUZ” was added, which has become the head one now.

Personnel – scientific staff of National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya National Technical University and Iron and Steel Institute of National academy of science of Ukraine.

Branch of activities – development, production and implementation new auxiliary materials, and also improvement of the existing auxiliary materials for foundry production and metallurgy, development of technologies of their receiving, technological consulting.

Basic “Soyuz” products – are technological mixtures for metallurgy and foundry production, designed to improve the quality of liquid metal, the mold and contribute to improve the technical and economic indicators for the manufacture of cast products. The key point in “Soyuz’s” work is fast and qualitative solving metallurgists issues no matter which technological branch it deals with: starting from molten metal and casting mold and finishing with final operations. The materials and technologies are available, as well as original decisions are developed for the successful implementation of the given tasks.

 The technological consulting which is carried out by “Soyuz” concerns foundry technologies and some aspects of big metallurgy (it is especially effective in converter production). For this purpose the best experts of the country are attracted.

The company has a quality management system according to ISO 9001-2001.

Soyuz” is an indispensable participant of international and national exhibitions and ratings (“Enterprise of the Year”, “Quality of Goods”, etc.). It has the Certificates “Exporter of the year 2011” and “Exporter of the year 2013”. The team is constantly working in the field of creating the newest import-substituting products, up to 50% of the products of the “Soyuz” are exported (international recognition of the company’s successes).

Today, “Soyuz” is one of the few enterprises that has the definition of “scientific and production” and therefore, undoubtedly, metallurgical specialists can expect the appearance of new interesting materials and technologies from it. It has more than 150 customers and export over Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, South Africa!

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